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About DFS

Established in 1981, Data Flow Systems has become an industry leading SCADA manufacturer and automation solutions provider for the water and wastewater industry. Recognized for our combination of project engineering, innovative design, integration services, and 24/7/365 customer support, DFS is able to supply complete solution packages. We have provided hundreds of SCADA Systems and thousands of RTUs throughout the United States. These systems range from small water control districts to large wastewater collection systems and automated process control applications. Our single largest customer has deployed the TCU pump-controller-RTU at over 700 remote sites.

Since 1981 when it was founded in the shadow of America's space program, DFS has endeavored to fill the need for technically-superior and cost-effective SCADA systems for the nation's water utilities. Although DFS initially limited its market to Florida in order to ensure the SCADA system's overall quality, including its installation and service, we now boast over 250 users in fifteen states.


From the beginning, DFS' philosophy has been straightforward:

Design a SCADA system that:

  • Is practical and cost effective
  • Is simple to operate and maintain
  • Is easy to upgrade and expand
  • Is obsolescence proof
  • Offers the best warranty in the business
  • Provides exceptional service and technical support


Within the envelope of this focus, the historical hallmarks of DFS SCADA systems have been:

  • Simplicity of design
  • Obsolescence-proof
  • Functional responsiveness
  • Performance oriented
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Expandable without reengineering or reprogramming
  • Low-complexity maintenance
  • Attention to human-factor issues

Facilities & Capabilities

DFS possesses a rich background of corporate experience in automated water/wastewater management SCADA systems, as well as a combination of technical and management resources that possess specific knowledge of water utility operating environments.

All administrative, engineering, manufacturing and service divisions are located in DFS' modern, 31,000 square foot Corporate Campus in Melbourne, Florida. Nearly half of this facility is devoted to the manufacture of TAC II Telemetry Systems.

DFS possesses, in-house, all necessary resource personnel and capabilities to successfully handle, in a timely manner, all aspects of the manufacture, installation and service of our SCADA products.

The more significant of these capabilities include:

  • Hardware engineering staff
  • Software engineering staff
  • Systems engineering staff
  • 24-hour field service organization
  • FCC licensing and radio study services
  • Radio testing and repairs
  • Installation services
  • System assembly facilities
  • Online diagnostic support

What We Offer

Data Flow Systems offers quality SCADA products and services as well as exceptional, customized plant and facilities controls systems to water and wastewater utilities. Our radio and network telemetry systems are used nationwide by utilities in the quest to effectively serve the public. No matter how complex the issue, we have the resources to provide the solution. We design, manufacture, install, and service our products - never losing sight of the customer's needs.


In 1981, Data Flow Systems, Inc. began developing their systems strictly for water-related industries. DFS focused on ease-of-use, longevity, and expansion without re-engineering. Since our first installation in 1982, we have installed, and continue to service, a substantial number of SCADA systems.


Data Flow Systems does not follow industry trends - we create them. When we first entered this market, utilities were forced to use SCADA equipment developed for other industries. DFS saw a better way. We listened to the utility operators and designed a SCADA system specifically for them. DFS was the first SCADA manufacturer to offer a browser-based graphical interface to our software, allowing users multiple access points to the system without purchasing seat licenses.


The strength of our SCADA products are reinforced by our commitment to them and their users. Our superior warranty, obsolescence-proof RTUs and free telemetry software upgrades make Data Flow Systems the clear choice. The first telemetry system installed in 1982 still uses much of the original remote hardware and has been able to take full advantage of all software and hardware upgrades.


Data Flow Systems applies advanced technology and telemetering techniques to the real world challenges of water utility SCADA. The development of unique SCADA system features like the Web browser graphical user interface, pump and flow management, and lift station overflow prevention, demonstrates our innovative approach. Whatever the application – from basic lift stations to complex water production and treatment plants - DFS offers the knowledge and tools necessary to provide the right SCADA solution.


We encourage our customers to get involved. Customers are trained in every aspect of the telemetry system. RTU I/O point configuration and the creation of custom status and control screens are standard training topics. DFS teaches customers how to install SCADA equipment and troubleshoot various aspects of the telemetry system. We are committed to our industry's professional education and development. We are involved in operator CEU education, support FW&PCOA's Short Schools and regional meetings and provide telemetry conceptual and technical training for utility organizations and related businesses.


Data Flow Systems offers 24-hour, 7-days-a-week technical support from its Customer Service department. All service issues are addressed and resolved by factory-direct employees or factory-trained organizations. DFS understands the need for user training. Our training department offers a full range of classes either on the customers' site or in-factory.


Over our 39-year operating history, DFS has seen the arrivals and subsequent departures of many SCADA manufacturers and purveyors. During those years, we have demonstrated a persistence and an enduring stability that provide our customers with the assurance that we will always offer our support and stand behind our warranties.