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Customer Relations

In 1998, DFS created a Customer Relations Department to assure our users' satisfaction with the technology and equipment they had purchased and with the DFS personnel upon whom they depended to install and maintain their systems.

We didn't always need a CR Department. When I joined Tom Smaidris and Brent Saunders in 1989, DFS had 13 employees and 13 installations. All of our employees were very familiar with our customers' installations and the personnel who ran them. If a problem developed at a customer site, it wasn't long before each employee was familiar with the details and was part of the team working towards the solution.

Things have changed. DFS now has over 80 employees and there are hundreds of individuals operating our systems located throughout the country (see Users List). It now requires a constant, full-time effort to keep up with the needs of each customer and the continuous changes that occur within a utility.

Every so often, we find the need to ask a few simple questions:

  • How are we doing?
  • Is your system performing the tasks you need?
  • Is it operating in a reliable manner?
  • Are your personnel able to utilize the system's many capabilities?
  • Are our personnel responding to your needs in an efficient and professional manner?
  • What can we do to improve our products, our service and our personnel?

Please feel free to call me at 321-259-5009 at any time if issues arise that require my attention. Or, complete a Customer Relations Feedback Form that will be emailed to my attention.

It's my job to find the right person to address your technical issue or administrative problem and see to it that you are attended to promptly, professionally and completely.


Steve Whitlock, VP - Customer Relations