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DFS moves to factory reconditioning to improve speed of the repair cycle for out Telemetry Control Unit (TCU) products

Beginning on January 1, 2014 we will begin a reconditioning process that's designed to improve the speed of the repair cycle for damaged TCU products. The reconditioning of a TCU product during the repair cycle involves what we refer to as the "board-set" component. The board-set is located inside the black anodized enclosure and attached to the faceplate. The only portions of a board-set visible to a user are the HOA switches, connector seats and LCD. Your TCU product will be returned in the original enclosure and faceplate with serial numbers, and internal radio when applicable.

This approach will streamline the repair cycle. Our goal is to return your TCU product within seven (7) days of receipt. The reconditioning process will eliminate delays associated with troubleshooting undertaken to determine and/or locate the failure and ultimately the component repair.

The current flat-rate repair charge will remain in place, but we are extending the TCU repair warranty to one (1) year for parts & labor. Each factory reconditioned board-set undergoes rigorous inspection and testing to ensure that all factory specifications and high-quality standards are met. Rest assured that reconditioned TCU products will always include the latest firmware and hardware upgrades that are available for the original unit.

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