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HT3 Mobile

HT3 Mobile - The power of SCADA in your hand

Your SCADA... Anytime... Anywhere...

Customers have long wanted to access their system when on the go. With the emergence of wireless networking, mobile Internet devices and smart phones that can browse the Internet, today's technology makes that possible. Some users have accessed previous versions of our SCADA software through the Internet, but security concerns and the necessity of supporting Java limited its success. With HT3 Mobile, security concerns have been addressed with a more secure operating system, and a new streamlined interface negates the need for Java support.

* Utilize Any Carrier's Smartphone

* Control in the Palm of Your Hand

* View and Acknowledge Alarms

* Run Data Trends and Reports

* Secure Login and Session Timeout

* Wi-Fi and Cellular Connectivity

Download HT3 Mobile Features and Specifications

HT3 Mobile is a streamlined version of HT3 optimized for today's smart phones. In HT3 Mobile, users will find all the essential tools needed for working in the field. The features provided in HT3 Mobile are:

  • Alarms
  • Screens
  • Trends
  • Stations
  • Help
  • Options

HT3 Mobile is password protected to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the system. The user account for HT3 Mobile is the same as the one you use to login to HT3. The same Control and Acknowledge Alarms permissions set for the user account in HT3 also apply to HT3 Mobile.

Alarm conditions are perhaps the most important pieces of system information that field personnel need. Once notified by HT3's "911" call-out or by email alarm notification, field personnel can use their smart phone or mobile Internet device to log into the HT3 Mobile service. From there they can acknowledge the alarm and investigate the cause and effect of the alarm. An active alarm indicator is displayed at the top of every screen in HT3 Mobile.

Custom screens have been the most popular feature of our SCADA software. Although custom screens have required the support of the Java run-time environment on the device, HT3 Mobile has eliminated that requirement. Any custom screen can be displayed, but those created for display on the small screen of a smart phone work best. Below each custom screen is a list containing the status of each point on the screen as well as links for viewing trends and performing controls.

Trends in HT3 Mobile are fast and easy to navigate. Saved trends are accessed through the menu. The trend for any individual point is one click away.

Standard reports, including Analog, Derived Flow, Detail, Min Max Average, Pulse, Pump Activity, and Snapshot, can be run from HT3 Mobile.

Status and trends for every point configured in HT3 is available through HT3 Mobile's Stations menu.

A System Statistics dashboard, similar to the one included in HT3, is available in HT3 Mobile. This screen displays information on the current status of important system-level points, including Hyper SCADA Server (HSS) AC power and battery voltage, active Hyper Server Module (HSM) CPU usage, and length of time active HSM has been running since its last reboot.

All of the help files required to use HT3 Mobile are accessible in the field on the device being used.

From the Options page, you can adjust the screen refresh rate and session timeout.

Refresh rate is the interval at which new data is retrieved from your HT3 system. The default refresh rate is 30 seconds.

Session timeout is the maximum length of time HT3 Mobile will stay logged in if there is no activity. If HT3 Mobile runs without any activity for the period configured for session timeout, you will have to log in again. When you log back in, you will be returned to the page that previously timed out.

Data Flow Systems is excited to offer HT3 Mobile to its valued customers. Contact your representative today to schedule a demonstration of this revolutionary new product and discuss upgrading to HT3 Mobile.

Download HT3 Mobile Features and Specifications