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Programmable Logic Controller

Local site automation, as well as local Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)/Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), can be performed by a DFS Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The DFS Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) architecture provides a simple and convenient platform for remote monitor and remote manual control without the use of any specialized programming at the remote site. However when more complex operations are required at a local RTU location, the addition of a DFS PLC will permit the monitoring and controlling of local Input/Output (I/O) modules to operate at a completely new level of performance.

Any RTU, including Plant Control Panels, can be designed to accept a DFS PLC. An existing RTU can be upgraded to use a PLC through an upgrade process. We can design an entire system for basic monitor and remote manual control and build in the ability to accept a DFS PLC at a later date. Most custom RTU are currently built to this standard with no additional construction costs.

DFS has been incorporating RTU PLC local control since the early 90s. The capabilities of our PLC have grown to meet the needs of our customers and beyond. The DFS PLC line up includes the PLC001 and the PLC800 - both designed for direct installation into a DFS modular back plane. Both PLCs come ready to take on the many diverse challenges a customer may require of them, and both are backed by the industry leading warranty that DFS is known for!


The PLC001 has been the DFS workhorse since the early 90s. It is a robust PLC that uses Industrial Basic-52 as the programming medium. The PLC001 comes very capable of performing the essential services required of it - telemetry operations, local automation, PLC Central and communications interpreter. The hardware features include a communications port for serial communications, and three service ports for monitoring the operations and communicating with the radio and modules. The serviceability of the PLC001 is far reaching. This DFS workhorse will continue to be a product used and valued by our customers for years to come.


The PLC800 is our latest standard for DFS automation and control, and fits into the architecture in the same fashion as the PLC001 and PLC033 - but better. The PLC800 includes the features needed for today's operational requirements: Industrial Ethernet, full Linux OS, RS-232, RS-485, full Modbus support, and ladder logic programming. The new USB port facilitates program updates, enhances customer support, and enables a planned data-logging application. The PLC800 coupled with the provided Process Management Tool (PMT) is so versatile that it literally provides all the front-end functionally required in order for operators to control and monitor their processes in today's industrial environment. The PLC800 is downward compatible with all PLC033 applications.

The PLC800 with PMT can hook up to any compatible PC, or Panel PC, to permit the user/integrator to create custom screens with many of the same great features provided on our Hyper SCADA server. Co-locating a PLC800 with Ethernet connectivity to the Hyper SCADA Server at a facility is a truly dynamic combination. In this configuration the ability to have a complete front end user computer station at every panel PC location is at your "finger tips." This type of connectivity is without equal in the today's industry - and from DFS it comes without the expensive additional software licenses just like all our products. The new standards created by DFS should be evaluated by all our competitors as the next step they need to take!

If you are using DFS telemetry, you need to learn about DFS automation and what it can do for you!