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"Symphony - Harmonious pump & flow management" is a patented technology that is available only from Data Flow Systems, Inc. (DFS). Symphony utilizes SCADA to coordinate the system-wide operation of sewer lift stations for the purpose of reducing force main pressures and equalizing flow into a wastewater treatment plant. The result is a significant reduction in energy costs and a solution to daily peak-flow problems.

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Symphony requires the use of DFS' Hyper SCADA Server (base station) and the TAC Pack TCU (pump-controller RTU) at each lift station. A combination of functions provided by both the Hyper SCADA Server and TAC Pack TCU are utilized by Symphony.

Pump Management

In this facet, Symphony is essentially a coordinator that addresses the random asynchronous operation of each lift station operating on a common force main. Symphony synchronizes the pumping activity on a minute-by-minute basis. Head pressures are reduced and pumps begin to operate more effectively and efficiently. The results are diminished pump-run-times, less maintenance costs, and a reduction in pump energy expenses potentially 40% or more!

Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Pumping

Before & After Pump Run-Time Comparison

Before & After Energy Costs Comparison

Flow Management

Peak-flow problems occur in a collection system several times a day. There are opportunities to reduce peak flow in virtually every collection system. Symphony employs a technique that levels the flow by systematically managing the peaks and valleys over a 24 hour period. Overflows at the head-works can be prevented, the need for equalization basins may be eliminated and the biological treatment systems work more efficiently.

Peak Flow Problems

Flow Curve by Symphony

Winter Park, FL - Case Study

Symphony has proven to be a valuable tool for the City of Winter Park, and research continues to improve the algorithm in order to enhance the gains made. Initially, the average runtime reduction on almost every station involved in the project was 24% and the reduction in energy costs was 39%. Recent enhancements to the Symphony algorithm resulted in additional improvements, now totaling 34% in average runtime reduction and 42% in energy costs reduction. Read the case study