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TBU360 - TCU Level Device

TCU Telemetry Control Unit - TCU001 all-in-one pump controller

TCU Level Device
Compact, patented design allows level transducer unit to be mounted in the control panel - instead of submerged in the wet well!

The TBU360 is a low-cost well-level solution based on the KISS principle. It has a small, compact design that allows the level transducer to be mounted in a control panel Ė instead of submerged in the wet well.

  • Patented design with footprint that is less than 10% of a typical bubbler system
  • Dramatically outlasts submersible pressure transducers
  • Does away with float cables, mercury switches and differential pressure settings
  • No more air compressor, air tank, or flow regulator to adjust or maintain
  • No voltage signals introduced into wet well
  • Non-clogging, self-cleaning
  • Detects air-pump failure without the use of flow switches
  • Small compact air pump (3.25" width x 4.25" length x 2.75" height)
  • Supports both continuous draw down (pump down) and fill up (pump up) operation
  • Can be programmed for incremental level readings similar to floats
  • Transducer is powered by the Telemetry Control Unit (TCU)
  • Repair and replacement parts available separately
  • Full one year warranty on parts

Eliminates need for big, expensive air compressor, tank, flow regulator, mercury switches, and differential pressure settings.

This level sensing and fault detection device is an optional add-on to Data Flow Systems' popular multi-pump controller, the Telemetry Control Unit. The TCU analyzes a 4-20 mA signal from a level transducer to detect well level and proper operation of the device's air pump.

If you already have a TCU, you can integrate the bubbler system into your existing system. (The TCU must be running the TCU90000 program version 2.6102411 or later.)

Contact DFS to learn more about the TBU360 and find out how it can help you.

Download the TCU Level Device Brochure