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Panel Fabrication

DFS provides complete assembled, wired and tested RTU panels in our certified UL-508 panel shop. We design and build both off-the-shelf and custom RTU panels to the highest standards of customer expectations. RTU panels can be certified and labeled UL 508A. All wiring is in accordance with the latest N.E.C. codes and conventional standards.

RTU applications that require customized panels or programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are designed for the specific application using our standard off-the-shelf RTU components. These applications can range from complex pump stations to complete plant control systems.

All panels are manufactured using the highest quality components from our suppliers or customer specified suppliers. Every panel built must pass a rigid performance acceptance test before leaving the factory. Every wired input and output is thoroughly checked and documented. Our approach ensures proper operation upon delivery.

Designed for the high incidence of lightning in Florida, DFS RTUs incorporate exceptional surge protection features as a standard practice. All RTU modules include a THREE YEAR LIGHTNING WARRANTY. Every RTU that utilizes a radio will incorporate a Polyphaser coaxial cable surge arrestor to prevent electrical surge or transients entering through the coaxial cable.

Multiple staged surge protection is provided for all power supply and power monitoring circuits and is equipped with both energy limiting and clamping circuits with slow blow fuses designed for overload conditions.

This design provides a very high level of non-destructive transient immunity. With the exception of a direct lightning strike, the surge protection will safeguard the RTU's power supply and power monitoring circuits from damage due to voltage transients.

Circuit protection is designed to withstand multiple transients in excess of 6500 volts, 3250 amps, without damage. Damage is limited to a blown fuse when exposed to larger transients. All RTU I/O module INPUTS have built-in M.O.V. surge protection, Transorb surge protection, and Opto-isolators to increase protection. All RTU I/O module OUTPUTS have built-in M.O.V. surge protection and are Opto-isolated. An inline external fuse is also utilized. The size of the inline external fuse is dictated by the device it controls.

DFS provides complete engineering of your RTU panel, specifying the size, material, mounting, layout and wiring. We provide PLC programming, customized graphical HMI screens, installation, commissioning, and startup services. We also provide training of operator personnel and technicians. Operations and Maintenance Manuals are provided for each custom panel and include a descriptive control strategy, hardware and software configurations, final electrical and mechanical drawings, HMI screen illustrations, PLC program, bill of materials and component specifications.