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RF Path Study

DFS provides RF Path Study services to establish reliable communications for a SCADA or Radio Telemetry application. DFS is extremely meticulous when it comes to RF communications. No amount of attention to HMI software or RTU hardware can overcome a poor radio link. This most critical area is commonly overlooked by suppliers and integrators.

Years of RF Experience

DFS brings an abundance of RF experience and communications tools to a SCADA project. We have designed over 10,000 successful RF communication links throughout the US.

Our services are used to determine the optimum antenna height, pattern, gain, and azimuth required at each location. Radio links to and from each location are independently analyzed and designed for maximum communications efficiency. We conservatively design RF links with a minimum 20 db fade margin so that communications can continue even after losing 97% of potential signal strength.

FCC Licensed Frequencies Are Our Specialty

DFS specializes in the use of FCC licensed frequencies. We assume the responsibility for the frequency selection, work directly with the appropriate coordinator, and pay great attention to the rules and regulations outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47, Part 80 to End, Telecommunication. DFS also provides FCC license application and renewal services on the user’s behalf.

A Solution You Can Trust

DFS provides solutions that you can trust. When a system is installed in accordance with our design, we guarantee its performance or we’ll correct it at our expense.