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Process Automation

Process Automation - PLC Programming, Panel Design and Fabrication, Intehration Services, HMI Screen Building

Data Flow Systems is well known as a supplier of SCADA systems and services, but we also have extensive experience as a supplier of process automation. Projects we've completed range from complex pump stations to complete plant control systems.

DFS offers engineering services to ensure the most cost-effective, highly operational SCADA and process automation solutions for your application. Working closely with customers and their consulting engineers, we are involved in all aspects of the design and implementation of modern process automation and instrumentation projects. DFS provides PLC programming, customized graphical HMI screens, installation, commissioning, and start-up services, including training of operator personnel and technicians.

The biggest benefit of choosing DFS as a process automation supplier is our expertise in the area of SCADA integration. Our experienced people and respected performance have made DFS a trusted leader in SCADA for nearly 39 years.

Specification Development

DFS will work directly with you or with your consulting engineering firm to develop specification requirements. This process includes:

  • Identifying all necessary equipment, including appropriate measurement and control instrumentation
  • Defining control strategies
  • P&ID development
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Data communications topology
  • Human machine interface (HMI) design
  • Developing job and materials scheduling and costs

Panel Design and Fabrication

Our Systems Engineering Department designs and builds custom control panels to the highest standards. DFS is a certified UL-508 panel shop. All wiring is in accordance with the latest N.E.C. codes and J.I.C (Joint International Committee) conventional standards.

Process Automation Design

Based on the specification requirements of your project, we will design PLC ladder logic programs - often using PID closed-loop control - that enact the desired control strategy. Automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation modes are typically created. This creative process draws upon our years of experience in the water and wastewater industry and our complete familiarity with the processes and tools involved.

DFS primarily uses one of several PLC products that are designed to work with our SCADA system. The PLC033, RDP180, and TCU001 Pump Controller along with I/O and communications products from the DFS catalog, provide a flexible platform for custom process control.

Data Communication Topographic Design

Data Flow Systems was started in 1981 to provide robust radio telemetry systems to the wastewater industry. Our use of RF path and link studies is a key part in providing reliable radio communications. From the beginning, we have expanded our capabilities and expertise with ever evolving data communications technologies. In addition to our extensive radio knowledge, we have experience in all aspects of wired, wireless and fiber-optic Ethernet. We will work with your IT department to configure a custom data communication system for your application.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Every control panel has some sort of HMI. From simple switches, dials, gauges and lights to modern graphic panels, operators must have a way to oversee the proper function of their process. DFS is experienced with the design and customization of efficient HMIs. The products we use provide interfaces that are easy to understand and use. One key feature we offer is graphic screens at the local control panel and SCADA workstation.

SCADA Integration Services

Data Flow Systems offers the HT3 SCADA system - an advanced, full-featured system that easily integrates with our PLC platforms. Although all our PLC products are designed to work with off-the-shelf SCADA systems from other vendors, they are especially easy to connect to our HT3 SCADA server. Access all the data from your process through powerful screens, reports, alarms and trends. Another layer of process automation can be achieved at the system level using ladder logic on the SCADA server.

Documentation and Training

Operations and Maintenance Manuals are provided for each panel and include a descriptive control strategy, hardware and software configurations, final electrical and mechanical drawings, HMI screen illustrations, PLC program, bill of materials, and component specifications.

We provide customized, operational training for your personnel covering all aspects of the project. These courses are led by our highly-qualified and experienced training staff. Further training on the many aspects of the HT3 SCADA system are also available.

Start-up and Commissioning

No process control application is complete until the customer is fully satisfied that it meets the design specifications. To that end, DFS is committed to providing quality products and workmanship. Our methodical approach ensures proper operation upon delivery.

When all is said and done, we expect a continued relationship with all of our customers; providing up to date tools and services well into the future.

Experience and Know-how

We'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss your specific application. For more information, please write us at, or call 321-259-5009 and ask for our Sales Department.