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Process Visualization - HMI Screen Building Services

In the field of human to machine interfaces (HMI), there is an increasing request for more attractive and realistic graphical process visualization systems. To this end, DFS has equipped its HT3 SCADA Software with a class of powerful tools and objects that increase the graphical impact and the realism of the SCADA applications.

Although every RTU installed by DFS includes an HMI screen, a user may desire additional screens that customize the visual presentation of data. For example the number of pumps in a service area, water pressures and flows measured throughout a service area, interactive street maps, and so on.

DFS can develop cost-effective process visualization screens of your process elements and incorporate them into HMI screens. Our strength is in our ability to understand the process, discuss and apply the needs of management, and present the operation of the process so that the operator can effectively utilize the system.

If you prefer to build your own custom HMI screens, DFS offers a screen building training course at your location or ours.