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Customer Service

The technicians in DFS' Customer Service Department pride themselves on their ability and availability. They have detailed information on the operation and maintenance of your SCADA system, and can be reached 24-7-365 in the event of an emergency. Requests for technical assistance should be directed to the Customer Service Department.

Customer Support

Normal Hours Support

Normal hours for the Customer Service Department are Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

To reach a technician during these hours, contact our Customer Service Call Coordinator:

  • Phone: 321-259-5009 Ext 1117
  • Fax: 321-259-4006

Our Customer Service Call Coordinator will open a Service Ticket and assign your call to a Customer Service Technician. You should receive a call from your assigned technician within 30 minutes.

Unless otherwise directed, all calls to our Customer Service Department should go through the Customer Service Call Coordinator at 321-259-5009 Ext 1117. This ensures that each call is properly assigned and tracked. If you call a technician directly, you run the risk that your call isn't returned promptly if the technician is out of the office (for example, on a site visit or on vacation).

After-hours Support (On-Call)

For support after regular business hours, call 321-288-1959. Your call will be forwarded to the designated on-call technician. (After-hours support is billable if system access or a site visit is required.)

Web-based Support

Our web-based support is currently unavailable due to internal changes to our secure network. We are working on an alternate path for customer input and review of technical support requests and will post that path here when available.

Remote Access and On-Site Visits

When possible, our Customer Service Department will solve your problem by remotely accessing your system via telephone or Virtual Private Network (VPN).

With remote access, DFS can provide the technical guidance while you, the user, perform the activity. The goal of remote access is to get your system up and running quickly and avoid a costly site visit.

If a remote solution isn't possible, a Customer Service technician can visit your site.

  • Most site visits are covered under warranty if they are within a year of installation and DFS Start-Up date.
  • Site visits may require a purchase order (PO) if the site has been installed over a year or did not obtain a DFS Start-Up at installation.

Customer Spare Parts Supply

We recommend that each customer maintain a sufficient supply of system spares to avoid lengthy system down times. The modularity of the DFS system enables you to easily remove and replace a damaged module. By having a spare module on hand, it is possible for you to get your system up and running in little more than the time it takes you to drive to the site.

To help you build your spare parts stock, DFS offers Advanced Exchange Equipment in 30-day segments. Billing for Advance Exchange Equipment may be put towards the purchase of a spare. The goal of this program is to minimize the downtime caused by lack of spare parts.

HSS Installation

In addition to maintaining and troubleshooting your system, DFS' Customer Service Department is also responsible for installing your Hyper SCADA Server (HSS) and getting your system up and running.

DFS' Installation Department "hangs the box" and runs interface and power cables. Our Customer Service Department installs all HSS modules, terminates fiber, commissions the unit, and provides initial operator training.

Early interface between DFS' Customer Service and the customer operators and Information Technology (IT) department puts people "on the same page" which in turn streamlines the installation and minimizes conflicts to commissioning.